Secure Sponsorships to Increase Profits

Spirit Box Enterprises are Selling Sponsorships to Local Companies...Are You?

The Idea: Your Spirit Box kiosk is like a well lit billboard, usually in a high traffic and very visible area within the school. At the same time, many local businesses are struggling to market their business/products to a very targeted market, being local high school students. So, what if these local businesses could sponsor the Spirit Box at your school, helping your program be more profitable, and helping these businesses communicate their message to the school community? Well, we think they can, with your help! 

The Prove It: 5 Spirit Box Enterprises in Missouri secured a sponsorship from the Missouri Department of Transportation ($500 per Spirit Box) to help communicate the danger of texting and driving, as well as the importance of buckling up. What better way for MODOT to communicate this to a very specific audience, then to sponsor a visible program within the walls of the high school? These Spirit Box teams simply attached TVs with strong magnets to the top of the Spirit Box and plugged in a flash drive displaying MODOT's messages along with information about products within the Spirit Box...two birds with one stone.  

MODOT Sponsorship.png

Make It Happen: What businesses in your school community would benefit from sponsoring your Spirit Box Enterprise? While TVs, super glue and magnets are cheap, there are other ways to showcase your sponsor's messages to the school community, like hanging a banner above the Spirit Box, including your sponsor's coupons or business cards with products being purchased from the Spirit Box, or simply hanging fliers inside the Spirit Box thanking your sponsors.

The possibilities for executing Spirit Box sponsorships are endless. It's up to you to make it happen!