Spirit Box 5 Ps of Marketing Lesson Plans

Designed around the implementation of a Spirit Box, DECA advisors, Martha Belote and Heather VanDyke, from Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, Va. created a series of lesson plans containing instructional content, interactive classroom activities, an assessment, and corresponding PowerPoints.


Products and Reorder Form

Order custom branded merchandise or blank point-of-sale products at wholesale pricing!

Spirit Box Plan-o-Gram (4 Tray - Pre-2018 Box)
Spirit Box Plan-o-Gram (5 Tray - 2018 or newer Box)

A simple tool to help you in planning out product placement inside your Spirit Box.

Returns Form

Have students or faculty who need to return items? Here's a form you can use to capture and track your returns.

Team Roles

Read this article to help you think through all the potential roles you'll need to run your Spirit Box enterprise.

Machine User Manual (7” touchscreen)

Electronic version of your Spirit Box vending machine user manual. Detailed guide that can help with nearly all of the installation and operational setup and care of your Spirit Box.


Coming soon!


Streamware: Real-time Spirit Box Sales Portal

Online portal where you can slice and dice real-time sales data from your Spirit Box. Contact us if you need your Streamware login.  

Create a Personal Vision: Design the Life You Want to Create

"Designing the Life You Want to Create" - presentation deck from SBE Academy at the 2018 DECA ICDC in Atlanta where we shared the concept of visioning with young adults.

Business Foundations

Need help? Reach out and let us know what we can do to help you run a successful Spirit Box!