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More Than Just a Vending MAchine!

Spirit Box is an automated school store vending machine program, that provides your school community access to products they need and want in high traffic areas 24/7. 

Your student team will receive a school-themed automated retail vending machine, initial inventory starter-pack, onsite training at the school, ongoing support and educational materials.

By running this real business students will learn problem-solving, finances, marketing, product development, customer service, and teamwork.

"Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."
Joshua Marine

WAAAAY More Than Just a Vending Machine…

Spirit Box is a Turn-key Business

  • Automated Kiosk. A cutting-edge vending machine customized with your school colors/mascot, designed to dispense school spirit and convenience items!

  • Initial Inventory. We take the guesswork out of sourcing products for launch, by providing an inventory starter-pack included with your year 1 investment.

  • Onsite Training. We train your team at your school, covering topics like setting pricing, test vending, and best practices for stocking inventory!

  • Ongoing Support. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager for remote support, as well as a field technician for any onsite technical support needed.

  • Lesson Plans. Plug into your curriculum with 5 downloadable modules we co-developed with DECA Inc.

  • Cashless Sales. That's right! Now you can accept credit card and mobile payments like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, without setting up a credit card processing account!

  • SBE Certification. Our program is designed to qualify for DECA’s SBE Certification. We work with multiple DECA chapters who have received Gold Certification with just their Spirit Box operations!

  • Time to Compete. The Spirit Box fits great within the Learn to Earn and Creative Marketing DECA competitive events. Just ask the many chapters who took their Spirit Box all the way to ICDC in 2019:)

  • Not Just for DECA. Although we are on DECA’s National Advisory Board and love partnering with DECA chapters, we also work with FBLA, BPA, and other marketing/business students! Our program is designed for any group wanting to learn how to run a real business!


Your investment

  • Year one investment: $11,785 including a state-of-the-art vending machine (your school owns) with custom designed graphics wrap, inventory starter-pack (retail value approx. $1.5K) and an onsite training at your school!

  • Continue with our optional service/support program for just $925 each following year.

  • Many groups have secured start-up funds via various sources:

    • CTE - Carl D. Perkins and other grants.

    • Equipment, curriculum, or professional development funding through the district.

    • Find a community sponsor!


Potential return

  • With an estimated life cycle of 15 years, and a salvage value (end-of-life value) of approx $1,000, the cost of the Spirit Box year 1 investment can be amortized over 15 years, at $719 per year.

  • With an average margin of 40% profit on items sold through your Spirit Box, breakeven is approx. $9 in sales per school day…the rest is profit for your program!

  • These estimates are based on a 200 day school year and does not take into account weekend, or summer sales through the Spirit Box which are very likely.

Who do you have to beat?

  • We highlight the top 10 performing Spirit Boxes each month, so your team can see how they compare.

  • Schedule consultative calls with your Spirit Box account manager to brainstorm how to hit the top 10!

  • Whether you are in DECA, FBLA or BPA, the Spirit Box is a great project to take to competition! Our team will help coach you through the process, to help you go all the way to nationals!