Quick Fix: Trouble Closing Door and Locking

The Problem - Over the past couple weeks, a few of you have mentioned that the door on your Spirit Box is becoming a bit harder to close and lock. If your Spirit Box has been moved (even just 6 - 12 inches) it could cause the machine to become un-level/un-balanced, and this can create some (or a lot) of resistance when trying to shut and lock your Spirit Box.

Good news - the fix is pretty simple. If your Spirit Box is not level/un-balanced, which you can tell visually by verifying that the top of the glass door aligns (is parallel with) with the frame of the Spirit Box (see pictures below), you simply need to adjust the balance of the machine by twisting the very bottoms of one (or multiple) of the 4 Spirit Box legs (see pictures below).  

Hint: this is most likely a two person job (one person will need to push on one of the sides of the Spirit Box (aligning the top of the glass door with the frame of the machine) while someone else twists the bottom of the appropriate leg(s) to level. 

Parallel vs Not Parallel.png
Adjust Legs.png

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