Coin Chemistry

Are you maintaining an adequate amount of coins in your Spirit Box's coin cassette?

As you know, the Spirit Box gives change for purchases in the form of coins. For example, if someone purchases a $12 T-shirt with a $20 bill, they will receive 8 - $1 coins as change. 

PROBLEM: It is important that you keep all tubes in your coin cassette at least 1/4 full. If you get low on, or run out of, coins (of any denomination), your customers may not be able to purchase products. It is also not uncommon for Spirit Boxes to act up if coin levels in any of the tubes get lower than 25% full. 

Even Nickels! - Yes, even the nickel tube needs to be at least 1/4 full regardless of if you have any products priced in 5 cent increments (you may never need to refill nickels, but make sure it is full out-of-the gate). The Spirit Box needs to know it can make change for any amount, or it will require the customer to pay with exact change which = lost sales!

Summary: Keeping adequate change levels in all tubes of the Spirit Box coin cassette is important to the success of your Spirit Box Enterprise (specifically the customer experience). Make sure this is built into your processes, and let us know if you have any questions.

Coin Levels.png